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5 Female Composers You Should Know

AwardsWatch Presents 5 Women Composers You Should Know: Ariel Marx, Tamar-kali, Amelia Warner, Ronit Kirchman and Drum & Lace composing impactful scores for Film, TV & Multimedia!

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“Mary Shelley” Composed By Amelia Warner

“…elevated by a score that bursts from the screen, engulfing the viewers into a cocoon of atmospheric bliss.” “From the score by Amelia Warner that pitches itself to the grassy hills and cloudy skies, a score that matches the emotional volatility of its characters…” The Young Folks review of “Mary Shelley”.

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Amelia Warner’s “Mary Shelley” at TIFF

Composer Amelia Warner brings a haunting touch to the upcoming film ‘Mary Shelley’, premiering Saturday, September 9th at TIFF. The film depicts the author as a fiercely modern 19th-century woman and her Frankenstein as the product of unbridled imagination and profound grief.

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