Composers for ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Victoria’& More React to Emmy Nominations



Billboard reached for reaction from a number of Emmy nominated composers, who revealed how they found out about their nod and what made their music stand out.

Best Music Supervision, Better Call Saul
“I am sure that all my East Coast friends would be horrified to read this, but when I first got the news, I was sitting eyes closed on my balcony in Silverlake, next to my girlfriend Stacy, both of us in deep meditation, with my dog Eddie curled up between us. We had just done a pretty vigorous bit of yoga and TRX and the Emmy nominations was the furthest thing from my mind. And then my publicist Chandler Paul Poling called. It sounds so horribly Hollywood, but that was how I got the good news.

This the first Emmy Award for my profession, and reminds me of the wonderful collective families this nomination represents. My team at SuperMusicVision all worked on ‘Better Call Saul’ with me and every one of us has had some heroic contribution. The ‘Better Call Saul’ family is my favorite team of collaborators, and I am thankful every day for the time we’ve had to work together on ‘ Breaking Bad ’ and ‘Better Call Saul’. To be nominated in a year when so many of the ‘Better Call Saul’ family have had our work celebrated is especially sweet. I am also reminded of how lucky I am to be in the community of music supervisors, and the fantastic talent that is represented by not just my fellow nominees, but all our collective work as professionals. The Emmys / Television Academy very generously brought us into their fold and through Michael Levine and Rickey Minor’s support and encouragement this award has become a wonderful vehicle for celebrating the work of Music Supervisors everywhere. For a very long time we have struggled to do top-tier work in relative obscurity. Now a light is shining on our collective achievements and I am proud to share that spotlight with my community.”

Original Main Title Theme Music, Stranger Things
“I was on the way to the dentist when I heard the news,” said Dixon in a statement. “Glad I wasn’t already in the chair or I would have missed the call!.” “We’re thrilled to be nominated!” added Stein. “It’s a great feeling to be included alongside so many other great composers. It is an honor and a treat. Cheers!”

Original Music Composition for a Series, Victoria
Original Main Title Theme Music, Victoria
“Totally delighted to get 2 nominations for Victoria, especially the title music. Writing music for a memorable title sequence has been an ambition since childhood days. My youngest daughter recently came home from school saying that the girl next to her was humming the theme under her breath. Job done!”

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