SoundTrack_Cologne 13 announces first guests



Jessica Curry, Cliff Martinez and Reinhold Heil are confirmed to attend SoundTrack_Cologne 13!

Read more in VentsMagazine.

Get your accreditation for the conference, taking place
August 24th – August 28th, 2016!
Early Bird Discount till June 15th!!!

It is Germany’s most popular conference of Music and Sound in Movies, TV and Video Games and a festival for music- focused movies. SoundTrack_Cologne offers diverse opportunities to professionals, students and music enthusiasts in obtaining information, improving their skills, networking and also to be entertained.
Workshops, panels and lectures by prolific composers of Movies, TV and Video Games invite audiences to get a glimpse of the process of scoring, to hear about current working methods and to exchange thoughts with the artists.



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