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5 Female Composers You Should Know

AwardsWatch Presents 5 Women Composers You Should Know: Ariel Marx, Tamar-kali, Amelia Warner, Ronit Kirchman and Drum & Lace composing impactful scores for Film, TV & Multimedia!

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Tamar-kali In Music Connection Magazine

Music Connection Magazine spotlights Tamar-kali and her endeavor into film music with the score to “Mudbound”. You can hear her next work in the forthcoming feature film “Come Sunday”, coming to Netflix this year.

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“Mudbound” Composed By Tamar-kali

For the score of “Mudbound”, director Dee Rees turned to Brooklyn underground rock singer-composer Tamar-kali, who performed in “Pariah” and “Bessie.” “I artistically respect her and wanted to work with her in a bigger way,” [Rees] said. “We screened it together, we had a temp score. I said three words to her: ancestors and dark strings. […]

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